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ÁRKÁD Egészségközpont

The ÁRKÁD Health Center is a well-organized medical center with 21 types of specialist practices, which cover the main fields of medicine. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment helps in healing, a well-equipped laboratory is available with routine and special measurements to provide measurement results with high accuracy in the shortest possible time.

The ÁRKÁD Health Center is a committed supporter of quality service. It provides a complex service that adapts flexibly to individual needs. He considers physical and mental balance to be important, in addition to conservative therapies, alternative methods and therapies are also included in his range of services.

We perform tests on our problem-based, complex and personalized filter packages in as little as one day.

Our filter packages:
- Abdominal and intestinal screening program
hormone panel test
infertility screening
- special screening program for cardiology
- insulin resistance screening program
urological screening program for men
- PCO filtering program
thyroid function screening program
- risk analysis

We have created our own LongLife Membership Program, which provides access to our patients' own findings and additional health screening through our IT system.

We have a private hospital background where we can also provide the hospital care that arises.

Why choose us?
- immediate appointment organization
- without a waiting list
- Laboratory results within 12 hours
- favorable prices
organization of health care

You can find out more about our services on our website.


specialist examinations
diagnostic tests
problem filtering program
complex filtering program
custom filtering program
occupation health services

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Phone: +36 1 803-8787
E-mail: arkad.msbaffideahu


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