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Lush is looking for store manager


We are excited to offer the position of managers at our ÁRKÁD store.
Ready for this career-changing challenge?
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Application Information

All applicants should have experience as a Manager or Managerial retail experience, and this is what we would want to hear about.

As a result, we're on the lookout for a person with the ability and determination to drive sales post-Covid and have an innovative approach to curating the best customer experience in Budapest and beyond!

Our ideal candidate also…

  • Knows everything about our ethics and products and can actively apply this knowledge in the workplace
  • Knows how to give excellent customer service
  • Speaks fluent Hungarian & English
  • Can be deployed flexibly and has a strong work ethic
  • Is a star in time management and planning
  • Continuously wants to learn and develop themselves further
  • Is a good communicator
  • Is a real team player

Deadline: Sunday 29th May


We want to give you the opportunity to showcase your skills in a way that suits you.
For this role, we are accepting your application in any format you wish. This could be a traditional cover letter, podcast, or even a video (both no more than 2-3 minutes long).

However you choose to submit your application, please remember that the content will be considered to be more important than the way in which it is presented. We are looking forward to discovering why you are interested in this role, and to see/hear you showcasing the skills that would make you the perfect candidate to take on this exciting challenge.

We also like to hear about business results in cover letters. We are particularly interested in measurable business results with which you can shine. This is your opportunity to shout about your achievements!

Please send your application to louisalush.coukhubert.saralushhu (stating Arkad Store Manager as the subject).

Previous Experience

Applicants should have previous management team experience.


We are building a brand that represents the people of the world. It’s what you do that counts, and we are always looking to expand perspectives and voices to shape our future. We see you, we celebrate you, we want you!


All applicants must have the right to work in Hungary.


If you would like to discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail, please get in touch:

Louisa Sewell louisalush.couk
Sara Hubert hubert.saralush.cohu

The Shop

Located only 6 stops on the underground from the centre of Budapest, Arkad Shopping Centre boasts over 200 shops, restaurants and many cosy public spaces.

This mall itself is in a fantastic location with lots of growth opportunity with a relocation to a larger unit scheduled for the next 2 years.

Lush Arkad is a small, well established and successful store of 46sqm, with a relocation to a larger store on the cards in the next couple of years.

Pre-covid, our Arkad store's annual turnover was £353k/144m HUF. 

The store's top three categories being, bath, hair and skincare respectively.

There is huge opportunity to build on the store's Retail Margin to get it back to 27% and beyond.

We all know 2021 has been a challenging year for all of retail, however our Lush Akard shop has proved to be resilient with sales almost unaffected.

This store is agile and always learning and evolving.

Opportunities and success lie in building and maintaining the local connections and community and gaining back the impressive pre Covid Retail Margin.

With the focus always being on bringing footfall and sales up, and we are looking for a passionate Manager who has previous experience in building their business, whilst working towards a 5 star customer experience to embrace this shop and its future relocation to a larger unit.

Managing in Hungary is unique, as this is a self-managing market, which also brings you opportunities to collaborate with many people within the business including the Founders of the company, Retailers from around the world and share ideas with the other Managers in our regular meetings together.

So what's it like to run Arkad?

"Our store in Arkad has been a staple for the local customers for years. Providing them with not just amazing hand made fresh products, but also heartfelt customer service. This dedication came through even during covid, when customers kept coming back to us. Managing a happy and motivated team is a key to reach our goals and customer satisfaction."

 (Georgina Scherczer current store manager)

What's living in Budapest like?

Budapest is a beautiful, historic city which offers plenty of insight into Hungary’s past. Living in Budapest lets you enjoy a unique atmosphere in this European capital. However, you should make sure to come prepared. First and foremost, many people living in Budapest speak English or German which makes it easy for visitors in Budapest to get around. 

Hungarians are very proud of their language and culture. 

Multiculturalism and a rich diversity define life in Budapest. During your Lush career, you will meet people of every race, age group, social group, etc. 

The Cost of Living:

Generally speaking, Hungary is a lot cheaper than many Western European countries.
Expats who have previously lived in cities with a particularly high cost of living will notice the difference right away. But don’t get too excited. Budapest, being the capital of the country, is a lot more expensive than smaller towns or rural areas. Moreover, in relation to local salaries the cost of living in Budapest is rather high. 

Other Information

40 hours a week



We have fantastic employee benefits

Relocation policy
For internal candidates you can find out about our relocation policy.

Potential interview date
Weeks commencing 6th June 2022

Potential start date
(Onboarding & Immersion will be discussed and arranged at this time)

We are really looking forward to receiving your application!